Monday Insights: I’m Not J.K. Rowling

It isn’t what others have that we covet, it’s the dream of what we think they have.

Leave it at the door.

We see ourselves implanted into others’ lives, in whatever capacity that suits us and sometimes, we allow jealousy to overtake in such a way that we feel unhealthily competitive, dislike or worse — malice for the individuals. When we realise that we just need to ascertain exactly what we want in life, instead of reaching for the idea of what others’ have, these feelings dissipate, until they’re nothing but memories.

I want to be a successful author yes, an international bestseller yes, but I don’t want to be J.K. Rowling. I am Jackie Jones, I want my dreams, not hers. In the same way, reach for your own success, don’t be clouded by the dreams or successes of others. You just might end up missing out.

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