Jackie Reveals: Stalker?

celinesillyYes, I’ve done it. I think. Recently I was having a roses moment – that’s what I’ve labelled the time of the month – and getting misty eyed over this video showing René Angélil and Celine Dion. Whether it was genuine or not, I loved the way she was so silly with him and he laughed and enjoyed himself with her and all her silliness.

I know how downright crazy/*insert what other terms my friends use here* I can be, and there has only been one boyfriend I’ve loved who supported it wholeheartedly and even joined in most of the time. Sadly, that didn’t end so well — the let’s be friends anyway thing? Ha, but, that’s a story for another time. stalkingEither way, seeing their love onscreen made me remember him so I jumped a few hoops moused over to his Facebook page just to see how he was doing. It was weird, I’m not in love with him anymore, not interested in who he’s dating or not, I literally just wondered if he was alive and well. Anyway, moving along. While smiling a little at a couple of his posts, from a dusty corner I caught wind of a new blog he has; checked it out.

Now, if it was someone else, I would have followed  in a heartbeat because I really liked the content. But, it was my ex and how much worse would it be to follow him as a friendly gesture and have him ignore me like he did when we didn’t end well broke it off? (Another story remember, stop asking.) Anyway, so I called up one of my girlfriends . . .

“Okay, I’m having a roses moment, you need to be smart for me.” She obliges, puts me in my place and reveals that she was just telling me what I’d tell her in a similar situation. In summary, I refrained from pressing the follow button. Thank goodness, because the roses’ hormone attack passed and I was no longer moved to do so. Fact: This is also one of the reasons I seldom make big decisions during these times.


What I learnt

1) I’m not actually a stalker.

2) Old boyfriends sometimes become more poetic when they’ve lost you. Figures ^-^.


7 thoughts on “Jackie Reveals: Stalker?

  1. Hey Jax, really liking you blog and the constant growth and positive vibes that it show. It really encouraging to see your dedication and productivity. #keep it up

  2. Curiosity isn’t stalking. I still periodically check to see if my ex-husband is alive, usually either right around his birthday or around our anniversary. I don’t want to talk to him, see him or for him to see me, just curious to know if he is alive.

  3. I definitely don’t think that’s stalking….or maybe I’m just a stalker too, so I don’t recognize it as such 😛
    I had a similar moment last year, when I caught wind that a guy I’d been very serious with for many years had started up a new company, and had a blog featuring their products and achievements. At the time I had a moment where I was tempted to write a congratulatory message or e-mail, because I am genuinely pleased that it’s taken off for him. But certain kettles of fish are better left alone. lol. But I think it’s only human nature to be inquisitive about people you look back on fondly.

    1. Thanks for making me believe that one lols. Okay no seriously, I understand what you’re saying and agree completely. However, it would be nice if I didn’t look back at all :). One day ^_^.

  4. *snort* I occasionally peruse one of the ex-boyfriends’ facebook pages just to watch them failing at life. 🙂

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