Friday Highlights 24

Hey everyone, how have your weeks been?

chocoValentine Logar is our featured blogger this time round and with blog posts like her most recent ‘Chocolate Sabotage’ it’s no wonder why it’s so enjoyable. With everything from situational moments with her husband, flash fiction, impressive wit and, her survival from a vicious attack, this is a must read blog. Find QBG_Tilted Tiara ‘here.’


For those new to my blog, each Friday I highlight an incredible blogger and bring readers up to date on my literary progress. In addition, feel free to suggest bloggers you think should be recognised :).



‘Dancing on Air’ by Caitlin Morey. Though when I do it, it’s not nearly as graceful lol.

1) The artist I’m using for the Secrets of the Tenari cover showed me another ‘in progress’ shot and said I should get it by week’s end. I love it so much already and it’s nearly finished? *Dancing on air*

2) As I wait for the latest proof of SotT, I’ve been busying myself with another WIP. Initially I was going to continue with work on part 2 of SotT, but decided to take the break from the story while waiting for it’s return.

vampire43) I love vampires, always have and probably always will. The gritty kind that I grew up with that were kill now, ask questions later. I’d been on the fence about continuing with anymore of my vampire-based fiction – not SotT that’s fae-based –  because of the continuous ‘the market is so saturated with it’ when it hit me. I love vampires and if I want to write about them and put the stories out there, I will :).

4) Working on ideas for giveaways and launch parties. Want to share your own thoughts on this side of things? Feel free to comment below :).


Remember you can still check out Caribbean Dos and Don’ts ‘here’. Be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others.

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