Random Wednesdays: Political Values

In my upcoming novel Secrets of the Tenari, Mayor Davis is a man loved by the people. Read on as Emma gets to see him in action for the first time.


~  “Our president advocates change and that’s great for the rest of the country, but here in Rushwood we are the change!” This brought another round of hooting and cheering from the audience. I Cheering Crowdwent closer, trying to push my way through the dense crowd, for a view of the man who was speaking. “If we are the change, that means there isn’t anything to be changed, am I right?” The roar of voices went up once more. Even at 5’10 I was no match for some of those that stood in front of me and I tiptoed, realising I wasn’t going to get much further.

The man on the podium was impressive to look at. It wasn’t just his powerful build or intense dark eyes, but his expression was one that exuded not only confidence, but I immediately felt like I could tell him anything. Guess that makes him a great politician, I thought with a smirk. The Coles had never cared much for politics; they felt most politicians were liars and cheats. I couldn’t be sure about this one, but either way, he definitely had the hair for it.

He reached out his hand to the left side of the throng before continuing his speech,

“My son Ryan here, is a true testament of what a leader is, you look to me, but I look to him for my inspiration. Come on up here son.” I almost laughed at that and for a moment remembered Chloe, who would no doubt have rolled her eyes at the man’s obvious play on family values. I felt a pang of sadness as I remembered her, but it was soon replaced by something else.

The young man that now stood next to the politician had dark hair, green eyes and was built like a linebacker. He ran a hand through his hair, obviously no stranger to the limelight, as he showed off his best angles for pictures with his father.

Still on my toes I watched him. The noise of the people, the jostling as they continued to celebrate in this boxed space, nothing but tiny distractions, from what was now most important. My stomach fluttered and sank, hitting my toes nestled in heavy black boots and making me stand still once again on the balls of my feet . . . ~


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  3. This book seems like it will be a good read. *slams hand on table “BARKEEP, I’LL HAVE THE BOOK SPECIAL …WITH A ROUND OF 1ST SIGNATURES!!!”

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