Friday Highlights 21

Hey readers, I hope you’ve had fantastic weeks so far :).

thought3Today I want to share a blog that is self-professed, ‘fun, smart, and creative’ and that isn’t inflated ego talking. You can find so many interesting articles and views on Thought Catalog and, they cater to pretty much everyone. With multiple contributors, you never know what ‘thought’ to expect next. It could be ’12 Surefire Signs You’re A Music Snob’ or ‘Born Again’ a short story by Jimmy Sterling. Whatever it might be, find it ‘here.’


For those new to my blog, each Friday I highlight an incredible blogger and bring readers up to date on my literary progress. In addition, feel free to suggest bloggers you think should be recognised. Thanks to email subscriber Ramona, for your recent suggestions :).



thedayoffirstsun1) I sent out a few queries this week for the new YAntasy. Yes, I’d decided to go indie with it and that hasn’t changed, but I also see the value of both methods (traditional and indie). So, since the launch date in my head is still a ways off, I figured, why not ^-^.

2) Had to re-read the dark fantasy so I could get back into it. I want to finish that soon as well. On that subject, I’ve been asked: “Do you write for adults, teens or what?” I know writers get lumped into these brackets of YA or adult or MG or *insert whatever here*. I love writing fantasy and science fiction and while I might be labelled based on what I put out, to me when the story comes, that’s it, the story’s there. It has to tell its own tale, whether that’s to the teens or the 30-somethings.

3) Reading The Day of First Sun, by Sheryl Steines, for a new video book review coming soon. There’s also more in the works video wise, but I’ll share, as it becomes more tangible.


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