Random Wednesdays: Elves & Excerpts

(Short excerpt from a random WIP (work in progress) – that I’d forgotten about – and have no idea if I will continue. Enjoy :).)

~ When I awoke it was to the sounds of wood knocking against wood and the intermittent splash of water. I moved my head, cushioned only by my thick dark hair, and found that it was painful to do so.

“She wakes,” someone stated the obvious as I tried to force my eyes open. At first the images I saw were nothing but blurs, twisting and shaping weirdly as I tried my best to focus. This was proving more difficult, as was trying to move my legs. I found that they were bound tight, causing me to panic momentarily.

boat1     “Lady Vena will be pleased,” another voice said. I opened my grey eyes further, allowing the dim light to enter in and show me who the voices belonged to. I saw that they were the two men from the night before, the ones who had attacked me.

“What’s happening?” I tried to ask but it came out more like a croak, a fitting sound considering my surroundings. I was on a boat I could see now, a small dinghy which was manned by one of the men. The other, just across from me, was watching me with a strange smile on his face. He spoke,

“Nothing to worry about little elf, all will be well.” I tried to push myself up, but my restrictions made this difficult. Remembering what had happened was proving just as hard. All I could be sure of was that there had been a battle, sudden intense pain and soon after, everything had faded to merciful black. ~

4 thoughts on “Random Wednesdays: Elves & Excerpts

  1. I liked this excerpt. My only quelm with it would be that you said ” the ones who had taken me.” The elf couldn’t have known who had taken it if it was indeed knocked out. Should go more like ” the ones who had attacked me”… I think. Keep up the good work though.

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