Monday Insights: The Lying Game

pinocchioBesides being the name of a television series, the lying game isn’t something any of us are unfamiliar with. You might be thinking I’m accusing you of lying to others, but no, this time round it has nothing to do with outside influences. We tell ourselves things that we know aren’t true and stay in a rut, unable to move forward because of it.

I used to lie to myself all the time, about people, situations, etc. The minute I shed that and started pegging things for what they really were, I felt freer. Sure, it hurts sometimes when we own up to the truth, but really, it’s better for us in the long run.

2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: The Lying Game

    1. Yes, eventually you start to realise that the little niggling feeling in your stomach isn’t just talking so it’ll be fed lols.

      Thanks for the comment Jolie :).

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