Random Wednesdays: Family Secrets

The wind was loud, pushing against the shutters as she sat in the otherwise deep quiet of the room. She was perturbed, her discomfort washing over her like an infection that had no intention of being cured. They had all left after the big reveal, leaving her to her own devices and haunting memories of the night’s events. If for any reason she couldn’t recall on her own, the one light still flickering girl-crying-small-lhappily, cast shadows that showed her roaming eyes the mess that had been made. But really, she didn’t need to look to know the damage that had been done. Should she close her eyes, she could see the images as clearly as if they had occurred moments before, not hours.

The strength and speed that were simply inhuman, exhibited by her family, people she had known her entire life, had terrified her. Their explanation had been even more unsettling, especially when she had learnt that her time of change loomed just months away. After her fifteenth birthday she wouldn’t be mortal anymore, she’d have to suffer through the pain they had warned her about. A prospect that gave her chills.

“A family of vampires,” she whispered to herself, absently touching her teeth. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be a member.