Monday Insights: Just Dive In

cliffdiving“To think too long jeopardizes your ability to make a correct decision. You start to doubt your own conviction and fret more.” ~ Erich Kreppenhofer said to me on Twitter, after I’d posted about having to think some things through. It helped me to remember that to get ahead I just needed to dive in, do it and not look back.

Sometimes we have to repeat this little mantra or risk over-thinking, fretting, worrying too much and having no progress to show for it in the end. I was worrying about the way forward recently, which was ironic, as this apprehension followed moments of clarity, where I was sure about what I was going to do next. The result was a day of anxiety, where I started to doubt all my decisions.


Let’s believe in who we are, our ideas and our decision making. Often, they lead the way to the path we need to take.

7 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Just Dive In

  1. Great advice, Jackie. My Dad once told me I should follow my instincts, but it’s a lesson I still struggle with at times. A dear friend occasionally scolds me when I refuse to trust myself, and begin playing the re-thinking game. Believe me, I appreciate these much needed reminders. Thanks for the post! 🙂

    1. I’m glad, and honestly they’re things I have to try to remember too. It’s so easy to second guess everything :S.

      Your dad gave great advice :).

  2. Jackie, you’re right that we can overthink. Thinking carefully through something once is usually enough (and definitely less painful and confusing). Our plans will usually have to be amended, so overthinking isn’t necessary.
    It’s the same when writing/editing. We can spoil our own work. If something needs changing, we’ll notice that later and revise.
    Hope you enjoy your day, and that you can work well and happily!!

    1. Thanks so much Maria for the well-wishes and for emphasizing the point. This is definitely something I need to remember.

      All the best to your family :).

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