Friday Highlights 18

Hey guys, I hope the first week of 2013 is treating you well :).

pinkflowerWithout further ado, meet Kaye Dacus. Her rather open blog is a place where you can not only learn about her published works, but her life, process when writing (no holds barred) and still get a healthy dose of ‘humor, hope and happily ever afters’. Also, her Fun Friday: ABCs of Eye Candy is out and it sizzles ^-^. Find her ‘here:’


For those new to my blog, each Friday I highlight an incredible blogger and bring readers up to date on my literary progress. In addition, feel free to suggest bloggers you think should be recognised :).



stuntbiker1) Mona/OSCTBS friend, gave me a stuffed disapproving rabbit for Christmas, so now I finally have my furry writer’s companion lol.

2) I have taken on another project, where I’ll be writing for an action sports online magazine. A part of me is still wondering if I’ve bitten off too much, with pays-the-bills and my own writing (which has to take top priority) to deal with. However, I will give it a go and try to hack it all.

filming23) I’ve been killing time as I clear my head: Part 2 of the YAntasy is still sitting untouched (but thankfully I’ve settled on a direction) and, I’ve been re-reading the dark fantasy to get back the feel. In summary, the most writing I’ve done recently has been for shorts. That ends today though. My plotting has paid off it would seem, so now I have a clearer picture of the steps I want to take next.

4) I’m filming my first book review today (yay!), so look out for that next week ^-^.

5) Finally, after careful consideration, Caribbean Dos and Don’ts will be discontinued, though readers will still be able to add to the list in the comments section and check them out ‘here’. This is to facilitate new ‘faces’ (pages) on this blog :).


Lovely readers, I hope you all have the best of weekends. Be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others. See you Monday :).

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