Friday Highlights 17

My penultimate post for the year 2012, I can hardly believe it! But, here we are, near the end of what has been an enlightening and productive year :). For those new to my blog, usually this day is dedicated to highlighting amazing bloggers and sharing my literary updates. Today though, I want to stick a pin in all of that, in favour of doing something a bit different . . .

Basic CMYK

THANK YOU! To all who have supported me, to the incredible bloggers who make it easy to share your pages with others, to those who have visited, liked, followed, commented, I am truly appreciative. I look forward to ringing in a new year as a member of this great blogosphere and, to meeting even more new and exciting bloggers and readers.


Friday Highlights will return to its regularly scheduled programming next week (January 4, 2013) and, so will the Caribbean Do or Don’t page, which you can still check out ‘here’

Be safe, happy, share those good vibes with others and have a wonderful weekend all :).

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