Monday Insights: Common Courtesy

A recent situation caused my emotions to have a bit of a field day, as they tried to figure out how I should be feeling. I soon realised that had little things been done, I would have felt a lot differently about everything that happened.

Common courtesy could be a kind word here or there, a helpful hand, among many other things. It can make us feel respected, appreciated and cared for. Nice feelings to have aren’t they? Remember though, this works both ways. In summary, treat others as you want to be treated.

Readers, I wish you the best of days and I will see you Wednesday :).

8 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Common Courtesy

  1. I want to see the Cherry Blossoms. 😦

    Other than that, your right, Jackie! When you have a little devil on one shoulder and a little angel on the other it is often hard to tune one out in order to hear the other. Regardless, one should try to be a guiding light, a shining example for our fellow brothers and sisters to follow. I think with this post your doing just that. To me, it appears you’ve taken the high road and for that I commend you. For the person or persons that have offended you, it is unfortunate we cannot reprogram personalities and/or the interworkings of aggravations brains but it is just the way things are. You cannot have good without evil, nice without bad and smart without stupid. Some people just do not get it but I’m glad to see that your not one of them. Hope you’ve had a better week thus far. All the best.

  2. This is the thing I miss the most about Japan: common courtesy, which actually was common there! I relish the examples I see here, though, and try to be the source of more of them. (I’m more successful some days than others, by way too wide a margin for comfort.)

    1. It’s so great when a different culture can draw us in and make us consider the way we behave. Also you went to Japan! Woot!

      Seriously though. It’s not always the easiest thing to be continuously good to others, in fact it just isn’t. But trying, at least, is a hell of a lot better than not caring or doing it at all ^-^.

      Thanks for the comment Deborah :).

  3. I concur, lol. Courtesy is a form of respect, and it is definitely a 2-way street. Some people may forget, and slip up, but that is the beauty of it, there is always time to make it right.

  4. ah yes I have learnt that courtesy is not so common but as you pointed out, we cannot let that decrease our own level of courtesy. We have to continue writing with the “nice” pen lol 🙂

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