Have A Horrifying Halloween ^-^

~ “These aren’t what I wanted!” the little demon screamed at her mother, throwing the bag of hearts to the floor, “You know livers are better for sandwiches.” ~


What are you up to this Halloween? I’m thinking of settling in with horror movies I’ve never seen like Sinister and, sipping on black punch. Quieter than most I’m sure, but it will suit me here in the mid-work week.


For this special Halloween post, here are a few quick tips:

1) Budget Halloween inspires creativity in both children and adults. Costumes don’t always have to be bought and are often more fun to see when they’re homemade.

2) Ghostly cuisine is great for all scare-related activities and, recipes are easy to come by: Google ^^.

3) Finally, if you’re home alone like I will be, lock all your doors and secure the windows, we won’t be safe until a minute past midnight . . .

Thanks for reading all, enjoy Halloween and I’ll see you Friday :).