Begin At The Beginning

 We often have those moments where we feel overwhelmed, with no clue where to start as we look at the huge pile of *insert your mountain here*.

Begin at the beginning, the middle will rock on its heels as it waits and the end will sit patiently, believing that we will make it there.


Have great days readers and I’ll see you Wednesday for a Halloween Special :).


Note: I’ve realised that my Monday posts take on a more inspirational feel and, because I love this vein, I’m currently considering an appropriate label (like Friday Highlights) for the day’s posts. If you have suggestions, please feel free to share. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Begin At The Beginning

  1. Hey jax, and option for the name, “Monday’s Mentality Breaker”, cause you know the general consensus is that mondays suck. So it could be looked at as a way of killin that vibe. Just a lil food food thought

  2. You can call these “Kickstarters” – they help us kick off the week on a positive note and get us moving in the right direction. Today’s kickstarter is… brought to you by OSTCB – keep truckin’!

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