Friday Highlights 8

Hey lovely readers :)!

 This week’s featured blogger is Kate Policani. Kate is a science fiction and fantasy indie author, ‘compulsively writing fiction’, who not only shares her work on her blog, but provides a vault of information regarding self-publishing. Her own experiences are quickly pushing her to a place of expert in my opinion, as she outlines through trial and error, how best to make an indie career work. She has just released her latest book: Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Magic and, you can check out that and others here: ‘Kate Policani’

For those new to my blog, each Friday I highlight an incredible blogger and bring readers up to date on my literary progress. In addition, feel free to suggest bloggers you think should be recognised :).



 1) I’ve been working on short stories for an upcoming project. More on that later.

2) A new voice audition is coming up for me. My stomach is not yet overrun by emerging butterflies, but I’m sure that will change the closer it gets.

3) Still pining for pets, but I’ve started wondering if I should forgo the rabbit and simply wait until I can get dogs again — my favourites :).

I hope you guys have really nice weekends. Be safe and happy, ensuring you share your positive vibes with others and, be sure to check out the latest Caribbean Don’t  ‘here:’. See you all Monday :)!

5 thoughts on “Friday Highlights 8

  1. Hi Jackie, thanks for introducing the bloggers. I always liking finding new sources and references for valuable information. Hope you upcoming project takes off, your voice audition is a hit and you find that much needed cuddly pet. All the best!

    1. Hey Kim, thanks so much for your kind words of support and I’m so glad you enjoy discovering these bloggers as much as I do.

      Have a fantastic week :).

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