Midweek Halloween Countdown 3

 ~ He chewed open-mouthed, his teeth becoming redder with every delectable bite, “I told you,” he said, eying his victim, “Devil’s Corner is no place for humans.” ~

In exactly one week, all over the world, Halloween celebrations will take over. People will dress up, trick-or-treat, have wild parties, share edible eyeballs and blood red wines and, *insert what you’ll be doing here*.

In Barbados, most events will be held this weekend. We’re not celebrators of this day in the traditional sense and for most of us, it’s just another reason to indulge in a night of debauchery.

Here’s hoping that as we celebrate, we remember that there’s much more to All Hallows’ Eve. When that chill passes over our bodies like a shock, it may not be the cool air. When the feeling of being watched intensifies to the point of deep fear . . . run. There may be more safety in numbers, but, the night’s monsters aren’t promising anything . . .

Hope you enjoyed the Wednesday Video Bonus from Paramore and I’ll see you in a couple of days for Friday Highlights :).

2 thoughts on “Midweek Halloween Countdown 3

  1. Sooo…Will the lovely Jackie be indulging in any nights of hallowe’en debauchery? lol 🙂 Rumor has it a Canadian pirate will be debauching under the lights of the harbour. ha.

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