From The Depths Of The Couch . . .

Relax sometimes, but don’t let it come to this :).
We are in control.

I’ve a few days worth of vacation and initially, all I was thinking about was how much I could get done. I still believe I can, but for at least one day, I’m going to confine myself to the couch. Catch up on shows I’ve missed for months, try to relax, and probably fidget crazily on and off, as my body tries to figure out why we’re not moving. The point of this revelation?

Working hard towards goals is a wonderful thing, however, I’m recently learning that a little bit of couch therapy is okay in small doses. I don’t like taking breaks, because I feel like it throws my game off and, I know I’m not alone in this. The thing is though, our progress can’t be thrown completely off-track, if we don’t let it happen.

Take a moment to breathe and relax in between; enough time to clear our heads, but not enough to lead us astray.

Have fabulous days lovely readers and I will see you Wednesday, for the final Midweek Halloween Countdown :).

4 thoughts on “From The Depths Of The Couch . . .

  1. Remember, there are also rest-stops on the Road to Best Seller. Even hardened truckers used to driving cross country stop to re-fuel. #OSCTBS Also, you need to take a break to feed the Disapproving Rabbit.

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