Midweek Halloween Countdown 2

 ~ “When Halloween comes, you better make damn sure you’ve got candy, otherwise,” Jo said looking around fearfully, “He gets real mad.” ~

To my dismay and ‘shame’ I’m going to be true to my word and share with you a few of those titles that have left a deep enough imprint that after watching, I quite literally had to force myself to turn out the lights.

The Ring – usually when I share this one people scoff and to this day I’m not sure why it freaked me out so much. Maybe it had to do with the fact that a crazed looking, visually disturbing woman was crawling from the television? Oh and then, there was that lone fly, ugh.

Psycho – Alfred Hitchcock . . . enough said.

Needful Things by Stephen King – To be fair it wasn’t terrifying, as much as it was deliciously unnerving. If you’ve never read this book, do it!


I invite you to share your own scary little secrets and leave you with the Wednesday Video Bonus, a scene from Psycho:

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2 thoughts on “Midweek Halloween Countdown 2

  1. You know, you just reminded me that I didn’t watch the movie, which I suppose emphasizes your point, as I’ve seen many others based on his books. But, from your comment, it must have stuck relatively close to the original, in which case, yes, it really made you sit up and think ‘wow, what would I have wanted from the shop?’

    Thanks so much for commenting :).

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