Midweek Halloween Countdown 1

~ “Come in,” she said with a wicked smile, “We’re just about to sit down to dinner.” ~

Okay, okay, I’ll get the chainsaw . . .

The horror genre excites me and it always has. Of course, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that most horror movie releases aren’t that great, but, there’s something about a track star running into the woods with heels on, as she’s chased by a lumbering lumberjack, that I enjoy.

Many of us remember those nights as children, when we definitely weren’t supposed to be up watching scary movies and yet, they we were, cowering in some corner or other, being ‘scared’. Actually, let me adjust that. I am of the ‘Will Not Be Scared Tribe’ and it’s made up of (not a real

Meet scary cat. There’s a cat for everything these days :).

thing) people who have decided that they aren’t completely terrified when watching horror flicks, or reading the books. Who’s with me, quietly watching with a bit of a smirk, while others flinch and grab at whatever they can during particularly hair-raising moments?  Simply sighing to ourselves with that air of ‘oh, is that all’? So, are we of the tribe never scared of anything horror-related? To say that would be a lie, for me at least, and that’s why next week in my Halloween Countdown, I will share (grudgingly), those titles that have thrown me for a loop and made me wish adults weren’t supposed to sleep in the dark.

Now for some of the greatest horror movie quotes of all time, in our Wednesday Video Bonus:

Until I see you Friday readers, be safe :).

7 thoughts on “Midweek Halloween Countdown 1

  1. This is fun, Jackie! I read Dracula, against my Mother’s wishes, on a school snow day, while she was away at work. The bathroom was on the second floor. Most of the day I sat curled up in a chair reading by the bright window, but when needing to go upstairs I raced them, both up and down, silently or not silently praying to be saved from whatever might be lurking up there, on the second story…
    I try not to frighten myself now!

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