Can You Recall The Moment?

~ . . . and from that moment, everything changed. ~

My world was often lost in negative space, making it near impossible to believe in the good that surrounded me.

For me, it was the realisation that life wasn’t a horrid place, where everyone was out to get me. This allowed me to become more optimistic, instead of living in a cloud wrought with negativity.

On this lovely Monday morning, tell me, what moment resonates with you, that helped change your life for the better?

I’ll see you in a couple days for my Wednesday Halloween Countdown, all mixed in with a little flash fiction, and my take on the horror genre ^^. See you soon :).

6 thoughts on “Can You Recall The Moment?

  1. My life changed forever at 15 years old…landing in Spain for a 3 month student exchange. I had minimal grasp of the language (one year of High School Spanish), and no idea what I was getting myself into. It definitely taught me the power of a smile. lol. As well as fostering a love of exploring, and an independent spirit. I’ve never been the same since. lol.
    …Now I’m off to google this Oprah’s life class video. lol. Sounds like powerful stuff.

    1. That’s funny, that one little story explains so much about your personality. *Hugs* I’m glad you went to Spain ^^ and yes, the Life Class series is pretty interesting.

  2. is this a safe place to share? like will people judge me if i say my moment was watching iyanla vazant’s “stopping the pain” vid on Oprah’s Life class? hmm they prolly will so instead i will say something cool, like how i had my first karate tournament and i never gave up because I had my 2 sensei’s in my corner cheering me on and I realised the value of having people in your real life corner. Or how i thought the fight went horribly but watching the vid i did better than i thought, which showed me that we’re always better off than we think. yeah those last 2 are way cooler than lifeclass. 😉

    1. It is a safe place, but was nice to hear about your multiple ‘happy-place’ experiences :).

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