Friday Highlights 5

Hey guys! How have your weeks been? I hope they’ve been really good and you’re ready to take on the weekend :).

Before I introduce this week’s featured blogger, let me first say that initially, I was on this weird mental one-track that all my bloggers had to come from WordPress. However, I’ve decided that ‘highlighting bloggers’ means just that — bloggers in general, and not limited to those found here.

 That said, let me present Clare Davidson. I admit to being a bit biased, because the moment I saw the graphics on her site, I fell in love. After more perusal, I realised that there was much more to this blog than fancy artwork. The website is Clare’s virtual home. It is where you will find links to her books, great posts on her blog, a detailed introduction to who she is and, during your stay, you will also come across ‘a recipe for escaping into imagined worlds’. Take a moment and check her out here: ‘Clare Davidson’

For all those new to the page, I highlight a great blogger every Friday and it’s also when readers get to catch up with what I’ve been up to in the pass week:


 1) I made a few submissions this week and will make more in the coming days.

2) Writing more of the dark fantasy, but because my head is still YAntasy full, I’ve had to take moments in between writing and just breathe in the darkness. Okay not really, but I’m basically readjusting, don’t get worried lols.

 3) Editing = my middle name apparently. I have lots of it to do, so cracking the whip ^^.

4) Self-publishing certain work is still heavy on my mind, but I’ll get into that when I’ve moved past the next 7 – 10 days of absolute crazy that has to happen, if I’m meant to make deadlines.

5) That reminds me, I hope I didn’t miss Hubbard’s for this quarter! Will check as soon as I click publish — *frantic*.


That’s it for today lovely people. Don’t forget to check out the Caribbean Do  ‘here:’ and, enjoy your weekends, work hard when you can and play hard when you can too :). See you Monday :D!