Always Evolving . . .

Star Trek may have had a tougher fight for my affections, had I watched Star Wars earlier on.

It’s funny how when we listen to song over and over, watch a movie over and over, read a book over and . . . you get the point, we can’t help but realise new things each time. We understand more about them and wonder to ourselves how ‘wrong’ our original thoughts were.

The Golden Girls remains one of my all-time favourite comedies and to this day whenever I watch, I see it from many different angles each time. Now that I’ve crossed the ‘decades bridge’ (a lady never tells how many ), what used to be just comedy for me, I now see as a show that was way before it’s time regarding some of the issues it dealt with and, that’s just one example of many.

It’s a natural part of life to evolve but, how often do we think of the little things like this? The subtle changes in our ideas about various mediums? I feel that even something as simple as this, can tell a lot about who we’re growing into as people.

What are some of the things you see differently in the world of television, books, etc?

Wednesday Video Bonus – A blast from the past :):