Spoiler Alerts Are Mean . . .

 When we actively search for them, we are to blame. When we expose ourselves to social media sites where we know people will be posting them, we are also to blame.

However, when we are shamelessly bombarded with information, forced to run to our cars, keeping windows rolled up so we don’t hear anymore, we are not to blame. When we must resort to singing out of tune songs that no one knows, over the shouts of the ‘I must tell you what happened brigade’ we are NOT to blame.

Spoilers are mean, share where they are wanted, otherwise, wait a few days, we’ll catch up :).

Enjoy Monday oh and, spoiler alert — new post on Wednesday ^^.

3 thoughts on “Spoiler Alerts Are Mean . . .

  1. I almost didn’t click this post given the title. Then I thought, man Jackie has more decency that that but I still read really slowly at first lol. Agreed. HOLY CRAP, pic just loaded, NO WAY is that playboy the dark knight! never saw it coming! next you’re going to tell me that rocks fall and everyone dies!

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