Friday Highlights 4

First of all let me welcome all my new followers, I’m really appreciative of the support :). Our featured blogger today, is actually from among them . . .

 Usually the bloggers I feature, are those I’ve followed for a while and enjoyed. Even though ‘Bartsetshire Diaries’ is new to this list, I loved the hilarious (and very British) way some of the stories are presented by host Lord David Prosser and the references to his family’s longtime cat Oscar, who conveniently doubles as an alarm clock. In addition, this site is teeming with interesting author interviews, deserved blog awards and, helpful opportunities for authors wanting to promote their work. In short, take a moment and check it out :).

For those first timers to this page, each Friday I feature a great blogger, and give a quick round-up on what’s been happening in my life, predominantly on the writing front. This week has been a hectic one . . .


 1) I was in charge of my department for the week, which meant added responsibility. It also meant longer days and a Jackie who by Wednesday, was merely putting one foot in front of the other, powering through.

2) The most literary progress I’ve made has actually been today and, that’s one of the reasons this post is later than usual — I’ve been editing.

. . . doesn’t just apply to workouts anymore.

 3) I’m revising and preparing a few sets of work for submission to  ‘Open Floodgates’ and taking the fine tooth comb approach; tedious but effective.

4) The break I took extended a little longer than it should have, meaning that I didn’t write or work on my fiction to the extent that I usually do daily. It’s made me aware once more than I don’t do well on breaks, which now means to me, that breaks are over, unless absolutely necessary.

5) Barbados had a few days where it cooled down somewhat (we even had rain!), but yesterday and today have shown that the weather is merely playing tricks on us islanders, as it’s sweltering hot again!

I’m heading back into edit mode, but I want you guys to have amazing weekends. Be good to others and be sure to check out this week’s Caribbean ‘don’t’ ‘here:’

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