One Of A Kind Mind

 How often do we have an amazing idea, only to find out that someone else has either done it already or, see it appear in the public eye weeks or months later? The thing is, The collective unconscious dictates that we will have similar thoughts and ideas, that’s simply human.

We have to crush the feeling of discouragement when it seems like other individuals keep getting to the finish line first. Or, if they launch ‘our’ million dollar plan, just when we’re about to approach investors. It happens, but giving up is not an option. Remember, collective unconscious or not, our minds are unique, that means that there are lots more incredible thoughts and ideas just waiting to come out, if we let them.

Have wonderful days readers and I’ll see you Wednesday :).

2 thoughts on “One Of A Kind Mind

  1. Wow this is a really great point about thinking up more unique ideas. That’s way better than sticking pins in a voodoo doll lol. But yeah it’s easy to forget and think “oh no i’ll never come up with some great again!” good reminder to keep on truckin’.

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