Friday Highlights 3

I feel really good this morning and want to share the love with you — *hands out happiness and butterflies*. Okay, so it may not be that easy (as the older you get the harder butterflies are to catch), but it’s the weekend and that means a new featured blogger for this week. Remember, suggestions for bloggers you think are simply awesome and you’d like highlighted on my blog, are always welcome :).

 Check out ‘The Monster in Your Closet’ where Deborah Bryan makes us laugh, think about things we sometimes overlook, connects with readers as she writes about situations pulled from her daily life and, shares her work of which she has many, including ‘The Monster’s Daughter on Amazon’ . Don’t worry either, she won’t jump out of your closet, but you should definitely head over to hers. (Disclaimer: Of course I mean her blog ^^.)

I haven’t been as busy this week, for reasons explained in my Friday round-up:

Today, we clean . . . writer style ^^.



1) On the suggestion of my body and assorted friends, I slowed down this week and tried not to overdo anything. It felt weird not getting as many words out in a day, but I said I would take a sampling of a break and I did, kind of. What? No one can expect me to completely stay away from my characters, they’d you know, *cough* miss me.

2) I’ve started part 2 of my most recent YAntasy, where my characters to their dismay, get stuck in the snow ^^. The members of my dark fantasy cast haven’t been getting off easy either. More on that, next week maybe :).

In the Caribbean, we’re proud of our culinary skills. More in Caribbean Dos & Don’ts.

 3) I have been writing a bit of short fiction, including some flash. It’s funny, but ‘Twitter’ really does make it easier to say things in fewer words. I think it’s because we see compacting all the wonderful things we wish to say into a couple lines as something difficult, but then when we do it daily, multiple times, it doesn’t seem as much so.

4) Today is being dedicated to polishing work. Friday is my only official off-day all week, so, I must make it count :).

5) It has continued to be pretty hot here in Barbados, but, last night there were signs of rain and overall, it didn’t feel as stifling as it has been. Can I get a YAY! from the crowd? If pictures of me doing the rain dance turn up somewhere, you know what happened.

6) The latest Caribbean ‘do’ has been added here: ‘Caribbean Dos & Don’ts’

Guys, I hope your weekends are fantastic, with many cherries or *insert fruit you like here* on top. Let’s put our best feet forward and have a great one :).

4 thoughts on “Friday Highlights 3

      1. Glad to hear that.

        I am well. Not getting things done on schedule, but trying to set myself some deadlines. I may not hit the mark, but it will make me push forward, and that’s what is important at this point.

        So, will you be seeking traditional publishing for your manuscript, or do you have indie plans?

        1. I want to do both. It’s one of the reasons I want to have lots of work available. I think there are benefits to both options, I’m just trying to choose carefully, which title goes where lols.

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