Hot Flash Gives Way To Gangnam . . .

~ Drowning in the heat the prisoner clawed at the rough surface. What had once been blue sky and cool breeze, was now wood and dirt. He paused in his panic, flexing his limbs in what little space he had, remembering what had happened the night before. He had been changed. ~


This piece of flash was inspired by how really hot it is here in Barbados. Those of you heading into fall, share the love — we’ll take it in cool air, breezes, anything you can spare :).

Wednesday Bonus Video:

Psy proving that no matter how hot it is, no matter what’s going on, we do it gangnam style ^^. Have absolutely amazing Wednesdays everyone, remember to look out for another featured blogger and more Caribbean dos and don’ts this coming Friday :).

8 thoughts on “Hot Flash Gives Way To Gangnam . . .

  1. I hit the “like” button on this post… but only because they don’t offer a “LOVE” button. Gangnam Style is awesome. I enjoy the other version even more, with the girl doing most of the rapping. Have you seen that one? She’s adorable.

    If I can find a way to box up some of the winter weather that is to come, and send it your way, I certainly will!

    1. Oh boy would I love that – the winter weather that is. Also yes, it’s funny, I’ve always liked the genre of music, but this song is just so ‘everyone’s happy let’s do the dance’. I love how it literally has brought people together worldwide. Things like that just warm my heart. Also, yes I saw it, but must admit while she’s cute as an anime button, I still love Psy’s original ^^.

    1. I don’t do well with heat, so even when it’s a little hot to other people, it’s really hot and uncomfortable for me. Also, Barbados is pretty humid at the moment.

  2. Agreed, never to hot to Gangnam. Now go finish that story, i want to know what he changed into and where the hell the blue sky went.

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