Panic! No World of Warcraft?

I’m a huge fan of taking in-game screenshots. This is one was one of my characters, an Alliance hunter called Sanah, about to take on a battleground (she’s the one with purple hair ^^).

This post came to me after reading one from Laura Ritchie, about the loss of her favourite MMORPG City of Heroes (read it here: ‘A Salute to City of Heroes’ )

As I read, I literally had a moment of panic thinking about my favourite, World of Warcraft (WoW), which I haven’t played in over a year, closing up shop. You see, I truly enjoy gaming, it relaxes me and takes my mind somewhere else. Even when I’m frustrated by games (as the bastards cheat!), I still feel more relaxed because none of it is real. However, like many gamers before me,  I had to knock it down many notches on the list of priorities, in favour of things like, you know, writing. That’s why reading Laura’s post really resonated with me, as I’ve always said when I had more time I’d get back to it and here it was that I could possibly never get the chance?! *Cue chilling horror movie music here*.

For the horde! Xenavia makes her way through Silvermoon City.

Ask and the universe shall deliver: A few days later, a really good friend of mine Ramona — longtime readers might remember her as ‘OSCTBS friend’, suggested that we make a date and play during December, when both of us get to slow down just a bit. Of course I jumped on the bandwagon and immediately started reading up on the game and changes. Apparently, they’re pandas now :).

Despite my excitement at the prospect, I know I have to be wary of overdoing it. When you know certain things about yourself, you don’t tempt fate.

Everyone, have great Mondays and tell me, which game do you love?

3 thoughts on “Panic! No World of Warcraft?

  1. Ah yes, WoW. The days in Azeroth questing with friends were well spent, can’t wait to be there again. Even though I’m not that great at the game (made it to level 70 and still a n00b, that’s a special kind of skill right there lol), i still love it.

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