Praise To The Gods Of Social Networking . . .

We give you thanks . . .

A few days ago my smartphone died on me, leaving one of my friends to comment that it “wasn’t so smart after all.” I lost some pictures, videos and all of my contacts, but, I only felt mild annoyance and that was because of the loss of the former two.

Why so complacent about the contacts? It isn’t because I’m jumping around excitedly thinking of selectively adding this time round (really, it’s not :|), it’s because social networking has more or less guaranteed, that I can find each and every person I need to, with a few simple clicks.

Remember when we’d lose, damage, or otherwise be phone-less and feel a sense of impending dread? Cut off from the rest of the world, hoping that people remembered our home numbers? Remember those dire days before social networking?

Realise our technological blessings and give praise to the gods. See you Wednesday :).


6 thoughts on “Praise To The Gods Of Social Networking . . .

  1. I’m not sure if times before social media was that bad.

    But as I think about it,I wonder how ppl were able to communicate before?

    Oh I guess home phones. But if you’re not home,you’re most times assed out.

    I thank the social media Gods too.

    1. Yea, I had great times before social media (thank goodness we couldn’t get caught doing certain things in our teens). However, in this respect I’m very glad for it. Not only that, but social media allows us to interact with people we probably never would have before on a larger scale :).

      Like Kenny, originally from Barbuda ^^.

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