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Hey lovely readers, everyone ready to take on the weekend? I’m still waking up, but, I’ll get there with you soon :). First I want to welcome all my new followers, your support is greatly appreciated.

 This week, my blogosphere spotlight falls on a gifted photographer. He is Patrick Latter, who according to his ‘About’ page is  ‘a programmer with a passion for all things photography and hiking’ and it shows. His photographs are breathtaking and easy to draw inspiration from. In addition, the way he documents his journeys in short little snippets, is a fun and engaging way that anyone can enjoy. Check him out here: ‘Canadian Hiking Photography’

Now, what have I been up to on my side of the fence?

We keep working, despite the heat . . .


 1) It’s been really hot here and for me, a person who doesn’t thrive in this kind of heat, it’s been a challenge (especially at night) to sit still while writing, but, the words are more important. To help, I imagine the time before ac and fans and think about big men in vests sweating over their typewriters, but still working. The image works for me *shrugs*.

2) After days of giving my YAntasy characters false hope that they would be getting out of Dodge soon, I finally wrote it in last night, so they shouldn’t be as mad anymore.

If there’s a topic you’d like to see me write about, feel free to share in the comment section below :).

3) I’m working out ideas for short stories in my head; want to write a few when I complete the YAntasy. Thinking of entering competitions (finally).

4) I submitted peddle baby (otherwise known as the science fiction) to a couple agents and have also passed it onto a few (new) beta readers again. I’m also going to reread it soon, for the ‘manyth’ time but, I want another fresh look.

5) My voice auditions were so fun and my major difficulty was getting ‘grunts’, ‘groans’ etc, right. The panel said I did a good job and really “understood the character” but that I needed more work. I was sold on ‘good job’ :D. It felt great to do something I wasn’t accustomed to and, get decent reviews, woot!

6) I’ve been making lists, lists for things to come that you’re sure to enjoy as much as I do when what’s on those lists is implemented :).

7) Check out my new page,  ‘Caribbean Dos & Don’ts’ which from this week will give travellers an inside look into Caribbean culture. I’ll add another pointer every Friday and alternate between the two :).

Smile and share one with someone else. See all of you Monday :).

14 thoughts on “Friday Highlights 1

  1. Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too.
    This kind of clever work and coverage! Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to
    my blogroll.

  2. Yes, we are. At our Wednesday writers’ group, we read aloud to each other, and I’m enjoying reading dramatically so much. It helps to have an appreciative audience, and a reader can sense this. Glad you’re trying new things! This group was a new thing for me, and the quality and interaction have really surprised me.

    1. That’s cool, I love how fun that sounds. I’m toying with the idea of starting a writers’ critique group (we don’t have any steady ones here), but I want to make sure I want to make the time for it before jumping in.

      1. The group is fun and very supportive, Jackie. But about starting a critique group: I believe it’s good that you’re taking your time in deciding/doing, and not jumping right in.

    1. Oh that’s okay, I’ll forgive you this one time lols, just kidding. Thanks so much, realised I haven’t been trying anything really new for a long while (of course besides let’s say food, or at the computer haha), so looking to rectify that :). And yes, it was loads of fun, think it became easier also because as writers we’re always taking on the emotions and antics of other characters.

    1. Glad you liked Maria :). As for my characters, the poor dears had a moment to catch themselves, but, can’t let them get too complacent lols.

      Hope you’re doing great :).

        1. (Sorry for the comments all over the place, I keep forgetting to say things :S). Glad you’re well and looking forward to sitting and checking out your latest posts soon as well. I usually try to look out for bloggers I follow a couple times a week, as I really don’t like just skimming and like to read properly. I saw one from you (a new poem I believe), looking forward to it.
          As always Maria, your support is greatly appreciated :).

  3. Thanks for stopping by Laura and thank you for all the encouragement. So glad you like the new page, I always ask tons of questions about places I’m travelling to, so it sprung from that ^^.

    I recently found you on Twitter yay, after thinking I had already followed lols. I hope you are doing well and your writing even better :).

    (Hopefully I can find myself in wanachat sometime soon.)

  4. Here are my scrambled, random thoughts on your post:
    Sorry the heat has been so miserable there. Hope it cools some soon.

    It sounds like a good experience at the audition! Congrats!
    It’s great to hear you are submitting, so good luck with that, and also, keep up the good work on the WIP.

    Last, but not least… The new page is a really neat idea! Awesome!

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