Spielberg Had The Right Idea . . .

 I was watching Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence recently, which is, in very broad summary, kind of like a Pinocchio story on robot crack, and it made me consider something. If artificial intelligence (which I see as a kind of species in its own right) lived, worked and generally existed among us in humanoid form, would I want to treat them with the same respect and dignity that we should all have for our fellow man?

Answer: Yes.

Not because I’m afraid the A.I. would go all Skynet style crazy and kill all humans (it’s better if you say that in a ‘computer generated’ tone), but because it would simply make sense to me.

If we worked together, cohesively towards common goals, robot or human, would it matter who was who if the results were positive for everyone?

 What do you think?


Wednesday Video Bonus: If you’ve never seen the film, give it a try, if for no other reason than to fall in love with the character ‘David’ (Haley Joel Osment) and his amazing talking ‘Teddy’ :).

6 thoughts on “Spielberg Had The Right Idea . . .

  1. Keanu is indeed actually surprisingly good in Devil’s Advocate for sure lolol I just felt sorry for poor Charlize in that movie though… geez… I don’t think Nigel or Ashes have seen Snow White yet either. You guys should come over sometime and watch avec moi. I was trying to get them over this weekend for Hunger Games. May not end up happening though.

    1. Again: they made him look good lols.

      The books (Hunger Games series) are looking at me unread from a gift bag. Quite literally, if I look down the first is staring at me accusingly.

      Sounds like a plan, (Snow White), I’d be up for movies with fans of Keanu heh.

  2. Out of curiosity was it Monster you saw Charlize Theron in first that made you go on le rampage? I was just watching her ham it up in Snow White and the Huntsman lol; she’s enjoying the fuck out of herself in that role.

    It’s true about the ‘human programming’ thing. Especially when you’re a kid and you watch horror movies for instance. Your care for the characters back then isn’t based on whether they’re particularly nice people or not; you simply empathize with them cuz they’re fellow human beings.

    1. Still have to see it, looking forward to it too as I was told she goes over the top *swoons*. It actually started before ‘Monster’. ‘The Devil’s Advocate where she and Al Pacino had to come together and make Keanu Reeves (I love Keanu mind), look good. That’s it, that was selling right there lol.

  3. Lol @ the ending and yes, Haley was amazing. It was one of those performances that makes you go on a mad rush to check out everything else the actor has done ^^. (Charlize Theron is classic for that with me.)

    I agree on the concept of it being dependent on if they are programmed with feelings etc. I think for me it wouldn’t be about if those feelings originated from an ‘artificial’ place, but the results. Human beings empathize with situations they don’t understand at times, simply because our ‘human programming’ allows us to, even though we’ve never experienced it for ourselves.

  4. That’s always a fascinating question… I guess it comes down to whether we’ve programmed the AI with “feelings” or not. If not, it’s kind of like… saying “thank you” to an ATM when you get your cash from it. Interesting the way they treat the concept in Prometheus where the Engineers are like God to us, meanwhile we’re God to their android (also David; go figure). David asks why they created him and the archaeologist replies “because we could.” and David’s like “if the Engineers told you that… that’d be a really disappointing answer…” or something to that effect and it’s true. Another set of interesting questions come along if we create androids like the ones in Steven Spielberg’s A.I. like; do they have souls? What is a soul anyway? When David gets scared, what is it based on? Programming? Are human emotions just based on programming as well? Simplest and most honest answer I can give is “I don’t know.” lol

    As for the film, I love Spielberg so I’m kinda biased lol but part of me kinda wishes that Kubrick didn’t die and had managed to do it himself. Would be great to see what his version would have been like. I remember in interviews Kubrick was saying something akin to “there is no child actor who could pull off the level of performance I need for David.” So he wanted to create an entirely CGI character. I guess Haley proved him wrong lol. Also… Jude Law is freakin’ fantastic in this movie but that ending kinda made me go “wait… what…?”

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