My Yellow Stuffed Monkey . . .

My yellow stuffed monkey, who is quite possibly giving me the finger with his tongue .

The yellow stuffed monkey doesn’t ask the woman for much, he doesn’t desire to be picked up, petted, or even spoken to. He simply sits where ever she decides, never complaining, never moaning, never wanting more.

She looks at him and remembers when she lived a version of his life. A drone going from work, to home, to couch, to television and again and again and again. But now, that has changed and though the woman loves her yellow stuffed monkey, she will not be his couch mate again.

We don’t ever have to be like the yellow stuffed monkey . . .

Until Wednesday friends :).

6 thoughts on “My Yellow Stuffed Monkey . . .

  1. Hi….where did u get the monkey from? I have been looking for one to replace my daughters. I will be forever grateful she is 2 years old and misses him dearly. Thanks!

  2. This monkey’s pretty rude. Reminds me of myself.

    Anyway,nice to see a Bajan blogging. I’m from Antigua and Barbuda(Barbuda actually). Don’t meet too many people from the islands blogging.

        1. No, I started blogging last November, in order to start building my writer’s platform. Only recently though, am I starting to really understand it a bit more and see what needs to be done for said platform to grow.

          Ashlee (from the Chatroom), recently started her blog and the couple other persons I know that blog here (from Barbados) are male, there could be more, but not personal friends.

          So, I wouldn’t call it a blogging community, but I can’t really speak for it on a whole. It seems that more people here use Blogger. What’s it like in Barbuda?

          1. For the record; I hate blogger!! It’s full of shit and its quirky. And they also make it so extremely difficult for wordpress used to comment there. Blogger and blogspot aren’t worth it. WP is a much more used platform.
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