Anything Goes Fridays

Hey all, Friday again and this week, I’ve got a few extras for you in my quickdates. But first, a friend of mine started her blog today and I’d love for you guys to check it out.

Ashlee is a short story writer and generally lovely, crazy person. Her blog will feature some of her work, as well as her life experiences. Ashlee will also be a part of a new initiative with me, read more about that below. You can find her here: ‘Ashlee Speaks’


Audition here I come!

1) A few more chapters to go with the YAntasy (yes, I’ve decided to coin that term ^^).
2) I’ve started a new page, with Ashlee on my blog: ‘The Chatroom’ , this page is dedicated to chat all about books, life and anything at all.
3) I’ve added a bit of flash fiction: ‘Journal of Tea’ and a short story: ‘Caterpillar Dreams’ to the sidebar menu, so you’re welcomed to check them out :).
4) I’ll be doing a voice acting audition tomorrow. My first time, but I wanted to do something new so bring it on!
5) Yes, I’ve changed the blog post name again, (still testing names out). I used this one because I realised that one way to describe my Friday posts is that literally anything can happen, so there you have it :).
6) No rabbit yet, but those furry fiends had better watch out!

Have great weekends, compliment a stranger, catch up with friends and family and do something you’ve never done before. See you Monday!

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