Are You Expendable?

 The Expendables 2 has recently been released here in Barbados :D.

As I say that, I can hear angels sing and celestial harp music playing because my friends, in one movie, in one place, for however long it lasts, the screen will be graced with a collection of some of the worlds most revered action stars. They will be sweating, killing, maiming, blowing things up, possibly delivering bad lines, trying to stay on Chuck Norris’ good side and being supremely awesome while doing all of it.

Action isn’t usually my first go-to for movie watching, but for a girl who grew up on martial arts films courtesy of my father and, those that were based almost entirely on explosions (dad again), I’m pretty excited.

Let’s put it this way, when I first saw this trailer months ago, I was at work and proceeded to fun around in heels, freaking and shouting in stage whisper that “EVERYONE needed to watch this film!!!!” It’s going to be epic.

As an additional mid-week treat here’s the trailer:

Let me know what you guys think below :).