‘Racy’ Business . . .

The Borg cometh; resistance is futile . . .

Creating an entirely new race is among the things I’m rather fond of doing. They’ve been writers across the spectrum of the art as it relates to entertainment (movies, series, books, etc) that have done this and opened our eyes to new, and what we previously thought were impossible worlds.

Just look at the timeless Star Trek franchise, where we encounter races like the ‘Ferengi’, ‘Cardassian’ (with a ‘C’ and no ‘h’ people) and the ‘Borg’ (made up of multiple species). All of them were unknown to us before, but are now burnt into the brains of fans everywhere. These fictional races will live on as so many others that came before and after them.

As we allow our imaginations to run wild, we can add to the growing list of those races that don’t exist in the real world and, if done well, make others believe for the minutes they read, watch or listen, that they do.

As an additional treat in the midweek:

I remember this scene as Quark and Garak get a bit ‘deep’ with their conversation and while I don’t think it’s the best in Deep Space Nine as the title suggests, it’s still a great one:

3 thoughts on “‘Racy’ Business . . .

  1. One of my favorite all time series was Darkover by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The world building, race development and family identification was amazing, especially since she had to maintain continuity over a great number of books. I still own the entire series which I read the first time over two decades ago.

    1. Agreed, the author had amazing vision. I always think that’s so great, creating something that people remember for years and years afterwards. Thanks for the comment and have a wonderful weekend :).

  2. I absolutely remember this scene! Seeing this picture brought the memory straight to the surface.

    I am constantly amazed when someone can think up a new idea, and then, sooner or later I realize it really isn’t all that new; maybe they put a different spin on things, but really the inspiration came from somewhere. And that’s okay!

    ~ Cara

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