Blogger Highlights & Updates . . .

Hey everyone! I’m really excited about this post, because I’ve decided to dedicate this and future Friday posts, to highlighting those bloggers that I come across during the week, who I think are pretty great for various reasons. I’ll also give you a few key ‘quickdates’ (quick updates) on my personal progress at the end.

Say hi to Christina. With a tag-line that says: ‘From a former tomboy to a current beauty queen’, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. As she suggests on her page, Christina’s posts do put a smile on your face. They are inspirational little nuggets of wisdom, quoted from numerous sources and accompanied by relevant and beautiful pictures. Check her out here: ‘4ever21christina’

Andrew and Sarabeth Toy, are in the process of trying to adopt a child and sharing their process and their lives with the world. Andrew has also signed a contract for his book The Man In The Box  to be published. They blog about numerous topics including writing, movies, family and of course, adoption. Find them here: ‘Adopting James’

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Classic (anything) and a few other genres are my go-tos for reading. However, sometimes I like to shake it up a bit and surprise myself with something new. That’s where Robert Bruce comes in, his quest is ‘to read all 100 of Time Magazine‘s greatest English-speaking novels since 1923 (plus Ulysses)’. Robert also includes personal reviews that are great when you’re trying to choose something new to read. He’s found here: ‘101 Books’

Rounding off the crew this week, is Maggie Elizabeth M. who not only has hilarious stories about her work in the fast food industry, but  shares her writings and her faith as well. She can be found keeping her smile intact with difficult customers here: ‘Maggie Elizabeth M.’

I can haz rabbit?


1) I was so busy doing that very human thing of trying to make up for lost time in such a hardcore manner, that I stopped being as effective as I could be. Since then I’ve stepped back, surveyed my life as a writer thoroughly and I’m now moving forward more relaxed and with a clearer head.

2) Chapters for the new YA fantasy are coming steadily and I’m really enjoying it.

3) I’ve stopped working on the dark fantasy for now. (One at a time, with short stories in between.)

4) I abandoned most of my restrictions because of update 1. ‘Me is happy again!’

5) My Facebook page is up and running and can be found here: ‘Jackie Jones on Facebook’

6) I want a rabbit. Can’t have a dog where I live and figure he can sit on my computer desk and stare at me creepily as I write.

Have great weekends everyone, get outside at least once, rest your eyes when you can, share a laugh with friends or a random stranger in a bank line and try to enjoy whatever you’re doing. See you Monday :)!

Feel free to suggest bloggers you feel should be featured and I’ll be sure to check them out. In addition, I haven’t yet made a decision on a name for these Friday posts, so if you’ve suggestions, they are more than welcome. Cheers :).

4 thoughts on “Blogger Highlights & Updates . . .

  1. I enjoyed this, Jackie! Thank you for brightening my morning! I liked the suggestions for good blogs to go to, and your easy way of updating us on your writing progress and insights about it. It also gave me perspective on my own work: the advice about eyes and about getting outside, and smiling – thank you!
    All is good and entertaining. The bloggers you’ve introduced have got to be pleased. And the rabbit? Well, who would not be happy for you, and the rabbit?
    Titles popped into my mind for suggestions (maybe not that great, but…): Friday Free Press? Friday Freedom?

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Maria, I’ll see if I can manipulate them some more. Also yes, I would LOVE a rabbit, still pondering on that.

      Also, I’m glad you like the new Friday layout, want to make it shorter and punchier next time.

      As for the advice, I have to tell myself these things constantly too lol. I hope your week is a nice one!

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