Crop Over; Writing However Is Not . . .

Crop Over is a major feature of Barbadian culture.

It’s Crop Over season in Barbados (was since June) and as the name suggests, it’s a celebration we have when the last canes of the season have been harvested. It consists of weeks of partying, competitions, exhibits and three major ‘jump up’ days — Junior Kadooment, Foreday Morning and Grand Kadooment. ‘Jump up’ or ‘jumping’ for these carnival like events, doesn’t mean literally jumping all the way down the road (which is a some miles usually), it’s just the slang used for the activities. The first jump is solely for the kids, the second happens before dawn and the third brings the entire season to its end. For these three events, thousands come together and jump in various bands, drink, dance and have an overall fantastic time.

I was with Bender on this one. What do you mean no more beer?!

I generally don’t jump anymore and haven’t in years, but a group of friends and I decided (after I said ‘hey! let’s go do this!), to take part in the Foreday celebrations. We joined with 20,000 revelers and partied our socks (yes I did have socks and sneakers on), off. We had a blast, even though some of the elements to the band’s organisation itself left much to be desired. Example, we started jumping at around 2 am and in less than 2 hours and not even halfway through, all the beer was gone! There was other alcohol of course and even so I’m not a big drinker anymore, but, a little local beer while you’re ‘wukking up’ on random strangers works. (NB: To wuk up or wukking up,  is a dance where the individual gyrates their waist in time to the music.)

Despite this and some other things, around 7:30 am when we’d made it to the end officially tuckered out, covered in paint, shirts ripped (well mine anyway) and hungry as ever, we all could not deny having had a fantastic time. Now, what’s any of this got to do with writing?

Well, in a way it doesn’t, but I’m glad I got to share a bit of my culture with you, in another way it does, because it’s determined how much I’ve written in the last day or so. I was so worn out that even trying to look at the screen wasn’t working. After falling asleep in my sister’s bed, getting up surprised that I had, heading home, wanting to eat lunch but being way too tired to, falling asleep again, waking up only to look up and fall asleep all over again . . .  In summary, you can probably imagine just how tired I’ve been since. It doesn’t help that it felt like I had an hours long work out (which it was in retrospect) and as such, my body’s all achy and hating me for misbehaving. Darn it, I know I shouldn’t have taken my wuk-ups so low to the ground (heh).

Today, though I feel less tired, I’m not completely up to scratch physically, but I’m going to try to get lots done. I’ve already started on the non-writing front as groceries, lunch and other odds and ends were finished before noon. Now though, it’s time for the serious business of falling into alternate realities, where my characters are no doubt wondering why they weren’t invited to my morning jump up.

Think they’ll speak to me if I offer a souvenir?

When I left home for Foreday, this pair of pants was white . . .