Deadlines & Restrictions . . .

The deadline clock is ticking . . .

While I’ve made progress since last I broached this subject, the reality is that this time, my deadline hasn’t been met.

The requirements were to complete two rough drafts of new stories by mid-July. One has a beginning to end, but requires padding with all the descriptions and little details I left out while trying to get it all down on paper . . . screen. The other is still in its infancy stages and though it’s coming along as ideas work together to form sentences, I still have quite a bit of work to do for it to reach its end. Realising all this and factoring in the other things that I have little choice but to devote my time to, my new deadline is August 16. I’m hoping to finish long before then, but, considering how this last month and a half went, I’m not taking any chances. As I said before, missing deadlines is something that does not sit well with me at all! Maybe it has to do with being a journalist — my ‘pays-the-bills’ life revolves around meeting deadlines.

Looking only to the future; dwelling on the past wastes time . . .

Whatever the reason, I feel a strange kind of embarrassment, coupled with annoyance at myself if I dwell on this month’s fail so, I won’t.

Instead, I’m going to punish me . . .

Don’t get worried, I won’t be self-inflicting any physical pain or suffering, but I am going to take away some of the things that I like, until I’ve caught up with my characters and finished their stories. Every few days something I enjoy will get the axe, I’m not too happy about it, but believe this will really help me to speed up the process. I said I was going to make a list and that when I did I’d share it, so, here goes:



No to everything!

Favourite television shows (When I want to unwind, there’s nothing better than a series I like/love to take my mind away.)

Powerade (This may seem like a silly one and no, I’m not addicted to the energy drink. Water sometimes made me feel sick when I used it during workouts so I switched to Powerade and now, even though water doesn’t affect me as it used to, I’d rather not have it while I exercise.)

Facebook (I don’t use this social networking site for my writing yet, so unlike Twitter, I can put it on hold for a bit.

Pasta (*sad face* I love pasta. I’ve already cut out bread and now this?! *screams*!)

                                                                                     Socialising with loved ones (Usually when I’m writing seriously, I go ‘underground’ anyway, but recently I’ve been trying not to lock-out my family and friends as I’m accustomed. The balance has been a good thing for me, so will have to monitor that one if it ever comes into play.)

 Games (Though I generally don’t make time for games I really like anymore, e.g WoW, every now and  then I’ll play one of those silly time management games for an hour or so. They relax me.

Hopefully I won’t have to give up all these things and I can finish in a decent time. Every four days a new restriction will be implemented, beginning tomorrow with Powerade. I’m not going to lie, of course I’m starting out with the easiest to handle first, wouldn’t you?

Have an amazing week readers!

4 thoughts on “Deadlines & Restrictions . . .

  1. Thanks as always for the support Maria, I’m patiently waiting for more monsters and wonders to fall from your literary sky :).

    1. jaxpress, you’re welcome!
      Thank you for watching for ‘monsters and wonders.’ As soon as I meet a deadline, for getting my novella to an editor, I hope to post a serial story based on The Sleeping Beauty. *yawn*? Hope not!
      Hope your day is happily productive!

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