Let’s Clear The Air…

I still see a best-seller in the mirror; blogging everyday however, is another matter…


I remember when I first started this blog last November and I had these ‘visions of grandeur’ where I would write and post everyday. That decreased to every other day, then every two days, until eventually, entire weeks would pass before I was able to properly post again.

Huh? It’s been a week already?


To answer a question I received regarding my lapses in posting recently: My apologies blog-follower, but let me explain it a bit for you . . .

I’m aware that in order to revert back to the ‘glory days’ I could drop one-liners (but that’s what Twitter is for) and that ‘micro-paragraphs’ work too, though I’m not a fan of them when it comes to blogging. The thing is though, I like blogging when I have something worthwhile to say. This blog was created mainly to chart literary progress, as such, I generally don’t see the point of giving all the details of my everyday life. Maybe at a later date I’ll create a blog dedicated to the ‘life and times of me’, but for now, I’m sticking to this.

In earlier posts, I mentioned my issues with social networking. While I think it’s great, I also feel that it takes up lots of time. I’m already on a few of these sites and try to keep up with all of them. Blogging in the way I like to do it (with details), takes up more time and as such, I can tell you now that I probably won’t be able to do it everyday — until of course I have a great assistant who can take care of other things for me. *Looks longingly into the distance.*

Finally, I’d rather write fiction than blog about writing fiction. So, if I have a nicely forming train of thought that I need to get down, I’m not going to pause to blog about it, before just doing it.

Hope this helps :).


Now for a quick round-up: I’m behind on my ‘two by mid-July schedule’ (curses pays-the-bills and sleep!) — Will talk more about sleep in a later post. Almost finished the semi-final look through of the first YA fantasy, before it has to be returned for the umpteenth time to edit-buddy. I’m trying not to feel too all over the place in my head and just relax, take stock and go again. Admittedly I really dislike (really dislike!), not meeting deadlines and I honestly don’t see how I can make this one with literally just over a week to go. It would also be the first that might go far over the deadline date (July 16), since I began to be serious about my craft late last year. Despite this and as fair punishment, every day after the proposed deadline I will restrict myself from something I like, until I’ve finished. I’m still thinking up a list of things (and enlisting the help of individuals who know me well) so when I’ve finished it, I’ll post it here.

I may not like them, but this approach will get the job done!


I wish nothing but the best for you all; have fabulous Thursdays!