A Tense Situation…

I want to submit a short to the Writers of the Future (L. Ron Hubbard) contest, so did the first proofread/edit yesterday of the one I’ve chosen. Now, I knew what was coming the more I read, because when I was writing it, I remember thinking during the last chapter, “hrm, sure this is in the right tense Jax?” What had happened was this: I’d written six chapters, then some weeks later an epilogue. As I said in a previous post, because I wasn’t sure what I wanted in the last chapter, it was left out for some time. Finally one night I just got up and knew what I wanted to write for it and was glad about that, because it fit in really well with the rest of the story.

The Writers of the Future short story contest, is an excellent one to consider entering.

So what’s the problem J.R?

In my haste to get the words down, I’d written in another tense! The rest of the story is in the present continuous, while that lone chapter (7) is in the past continuous. I hadn’t reread anything before writing it, because I’d just wanted to GET IT OUT! You know how I mean. Now, as my OSCTB (One Step Closer To Best Seller) friend said when I told her, “The easy way would be to just change chapter 7,” then after a pause, “But you’re a writer, you won’t take the easy way out.” I wish she was wrong. The truth is though, reading it all together yesterday has me conflicted, as I no longer know which tense I prefer.

Tense Wars!

So, I’ve asked edit-buddy to step in and give his professional opinion. This of course could result in a ‘tense rewrite’ of six chapters, but, I’d rather have it be great in the end, than give in to laziness.

That’s the start of my weekend, hope you readers have one far away from tense wars.

10 thoughts on “A Tense Situation…

  1. I, too, have the impulse to take the easy road. Sometimes I have to get on my own case to get out of the lazies. But I always remind myself that I get so much more satisfaction when I have done my best rather than glossed over something.
    Yes, I realize this makes me seem like I talk to myself a lot, which I do. 😉
    Great reflection! Thanks, Jax!

  2. It’s ironic too, as I seldom put up the names of anything, but decided to with this thinking it was okay. Again, really can’t thank you enough :).

  3. Just a friendly FYI–the Writers of the Future contest is judged anonymously, so if a judge happened to stumble upon your blog and saw the title your story could get disqualified. You might want to edit your post to take out any possible identifying information. Don’t want your story to get thrown out on a technicality!

  4. jaxpress, thank you for the reminder of how important it is to be deliberate and consistent with tense!
    no laziness allowed for us writers…

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