Seven Days & Nights…

Got Conspiracy…?

Has it really been seven days since I last posted? It feels like it wasn’t that long ago, but it must have been as I don’t see a reason why the time stamp would lie. Unless of course the time stamp is a part of some elaborate conspiracy theory that my life is now wrapped up in . . .

Okay, enough rambling. I wanted to give you a bit of a round-up on what I’ve been up to. I’ve put a few days pause on writing anything new, to make sure the first YA fantasy I wrote is finished. I was getting so caught up in new words that didn’t want to stop pouring out, that I let myself stray away from it. It doesn’t help that I don’t enjoy proofreading/editing, as much as I once did. I’m sure it’s partially because of my job (I literally do it almost every day). However, it’s a necessary task and so, I’m looking it over for the ‘how-much-evereth’ time, before sending it back to edit-buddy for another read through. Writers all: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN EDITOR. It may seem like a drag tracking one down and I know it can be expensive, but try to get one if you can. Editors can really make a difference in your work, usually for the better.

Consider getting an editor…

Back to the first YA: Before the week is over, I have to finish it. FINISH IT . . . finish it. Good thing too, as I can hardly wait to get back to the other two. They’re fun to write, especially because as I’ve said before, the words are just spewing out.

As for agent hunting: I sent out maybe nine (I think) in January. I have to admit when I really looked at it subjectively, some didn’t really fit with the work I pushed — ‘peddle baby’. Since then I’ve gotten two rejections and lots of silence. The thing is though, that whenever I check that inbox, which is devoted especially to all things books, I don’t feel the rush of disappointment that I would have, let’s say a year ago. It’s because I believe in what I’m selling and I know that someone will bite. That’s the other great thing about trying to get lots of work done in a short space of time — I’ll have more to shop around. I’m not going to waste time feeling sorry for myself, why should I? I’m healthy, my fingers work and the words are coming. As a writer, that’s already a good place to start.

In my personal life: ‘Pays-the-bills’ work continues to dominate (unfortunately), but, I’ve started to work out again! One of my work out days is spent training with a volleyball team . . . in a dojo. I cannot express to you how wrong (in a good way) it is to put an athletics team, overseen by karate experts, in the same room. Let’s just say I’ve begun to call Tuesday nights ‘doom!’ and with good reason.

Sensei: That is not a proper lunge! Punishment! MORE LUNGES! Me: *groan*!

I wish you all the best of weekends and to those who continue to follow me, thank you :)! I have to go through the many emails piling up in, which as you can probably tell is strictly for all things WordPress related. I miss reading all the witty, interesting, educational and touching posts from both my followers and those I follow. Time seldom allows, but, I will start using at least one day a week for doing so at leisure and in turn see what all of you have been getting up to as well.


Cheers! It’s almost the weekend!