Old, New, Not Borrowed Or Blue…

…my title works just fine okay?


I’m working on a new dark fantasy story today. I was putting it off because after writing the first chapter in different POVs, it still didn’t feel right. Need to settle on one so I can continue on, as I can see the story unfolding in my head, just not sure who I want to tell it.

Kicking self-inflicted hindrances to the curb…

The YA fantasy is on my list of to-dos for this weekend. After taking some time away from it, I should now be able to look at it with clearer vision. Edit buddy handed it back to me a couple weeks or so ago, so no doubt more changes will have to happen, but at least it’s closer to completion. My goal was to finish at least four full-length works by August of this year. I know it can be done as long as I apply myself. Words aren’t the problem, managing time and focus try to be, but once again I’m trying to kick those silly little issues to the curb in order to do what needs to be done.

Also, there was another YA I wanted to get cracking on, so from next week or so, I will be splitting up the projects I work on. I’m not so sure how this will work out, as I haven’t tried writing novel-length stories simultaneously before. However, if it does work without my brain exploding, that’s an even better thing for me with regard to completing numerous projects this year. Of course if I’m on a roll with one story I won’t nip off to another, but I think that it will give me the option of not having to stop, because as I turn focus to another story, it allows my head to be cleared a bit from the rubble of the current one. Since the genres of the two stories are very different, there’s no real chance of overlapping of styles or anything like that either. To put it simply, as long as my brain cooperates and accepts my new writing proposition, I can see it being very beneficial.

That’s right Brain, game face on…
Enjoy whatever you do today.

I’m going to have some breakfast and get cracking. What are you up to today? Whatever it is, here’s hoping that it’s a productive day all round.

4 thoughts on “Old, New, Not Borrowed Or Blue…

  1. jaxpress, i appreciate your willingness to share about your writing journey, and it’s truly interesting. those silly things you’ve decided to kick to the curb – focus and time management? they’re huge for me and are keeping me from continuing on my book. but then i think, perhaps i should work on a different book, one that got left in the dust.
    wishing you well as you keep your stories going for the August completion!

    1. Maria, it might be strange for me to say this, but thank you so much for your words. They are a real encouragement for me, especially as you made me remember my grand position on kicking things . . .

      It’s difficult to stay focused sometimes, I used to think that it was just that way because of the many other things I have to deal with in life, but then I realised that procrastination is one of the easiest things to achieve despite your situation. To be honest though, the thing that makes me keep jumping back on the ‘word-horse’ is that I know what I want in life and if I don’t do the groundwork, I won’t achieve it.

      I think your idea to dust off an old work could be great, because you get to fall in love with it all over again and that alone is inspiration. That inspiration will no doubt filter over to your current project and quite possibly then you might not want to put it down :). As always I wish you the very best Maria!

      1. jaxpress, keep going then with your major goal! Yes, you can only achieve it by doing the groundwork. I’m glad to encourage you to continue. We learn so much, I’m learning SO much, just by continuing…

        I’ll take a look at that older story of mine, and continue on with my current novel. Thank you for affirming me in both.

        Best wishes as you move between the four long stories. Working this way obviously can be done, just as reading more than one book at a time can be done. And perhaps some writers actually work their best this way.


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