Cortexiphan The Only Explanation…

Where did the days go? I meant to write a new blog post some days back and I’m currently still going with the notion that I was somehow transported to the other side, where my memories were erased with the use of cortexiphan, resulting in lost time.

Yes, I watch Fringe. Though I will be one of the first to admit that they have gone woefully off course. I sometimes weep for its former glory, but because I like to believe in the power of redemption, I’m still holding out hope that it will find its way back to the greatness of let’s say – season 3. (Don’t get me started on Supernatural.)

Awesome mind-enhancing catalyst aside, let me say what I actually have been doing. Besides trying to get work out of the way before vacation started (I’m on it now – YAY!), I’ve been laying out plans in my head as to my next course of action. This is a very important process at the moment for me, because there’s so many things I want to get done, that if I don’t put them in the right order and be decisive as to what I want to do for sure, I will instead end up flopping about without any real direction.

I’m still waiting for my second edit to be returned, so thought it was a great time to get things sorted. Currently these are the things I want to get done:

Start back shopping *peddle baby*. My science fantasy work. I’m quite aware not everyone believes it’s possible to label something in that genre, but having obsessed over it for some time and still not coming up with another genre where it makes sense, this one fits best. I’d stopped shopping it for a time, in favour of focusing on writing the YA fantasy, but, now I’m on vacation I really want to make some time for it.

Make sure the YA fantasy is finished and ready to be shopped as well, as soon as possible.

Start working on part two in the series of the above. I intend to do so from this week.

Clean up and finish the paranormal romance story I’ve been leaving on the back-burner for a time. I realised that the same way I approach shorts — writing them between breaks as they take less time, I can deal with this particular story. You see, it had been written beginning to end, but was not more than an outline, needing at least 30k more words to supplement it, which would include additional information, description and so on. I really loved the story (though I’m not often a fan of romance in any genre) and want to finish it. So I will begin to do so chapter by chapter, during my vacation as well.

Finish the short. I wanted to finish it since March. It could have been but that would have meant me including words I was not happy with and thus I’m still trying to settle on a proper ending.

So, there they are. My literary plans for these two weeks of rest. I know it must seem like a lot for 14 days, but as I’ve said before — as long as the words are there, time is of little consequence.

Readers, have a wonderful week and I will write to you soon.


(I’ve since been informed that peddle baby can be labelled under science fiction.)