Tired? Rub Some Dirt In It!

I always remember that line ‘rub some dirt in it’ from the movie (I think it was ‘She’s The Man’). The main character said it as a way to show just how ‘macho’ she was, while pretending to be male.

I am very tired. However, dearest edit-buddy pointed out something to me recently about my very first chapter of the YA, so I have to see about changing some more things. It’s interesting how the world works — yes, this is in relation to the changes I have to make. There’s a popular series I’ve never read, know very little about and yet edit-buddy says to me, be very careful Jax, there’s the possibility that those in the vast world of publishing might see the similarity in these (literally few lines) and wonder if you’re merely taking an idea-leaf from the author’s book. At first I was defiant: “I’ve never read the damn thing!” and “Why the hell should I have to change it just because?!” and “It makes perfect sense the way it is right now!” were all things flying from my mouth and fingers (texting) as he tried to make me see the light.

Like this cat...I really didn't want to do it...

That’s why I said the way the world works can be so interesting at times. Were I the first person to become popular with the aspect of world-building that edit-buddy told me to be wary of in my own work, then other writers would be the ones stepping on egg-shells to ensure no one suspected anything other than originality. It wouldn’t matter if they’d never read the words of J.R Jones, the issue would remain the same. However, I’m the one in the hot-seat this time and as edit-buddy eloquently put it and I semi-quote: ‘It would be a tragedy if a few lines made a publisher discard your work’.

So grudgingly, I’ve agreed and though I love the way the first chapter reads now, I’m sure that when it’s tackled and brought to its knees once more, it will be better than before.

...But I'll do it anyway. Chuck Norris is watching...

In short, yes I’m tired and want nothing more than my bed, but I’m also determined to get some work done before giving into the sheets.

What about you all? Are you rubbing dirt in it?