Not Pretending…

I’m not going to pretend, this week, like many in the world of work, hasn’t been the easiest on my editing time. However, I’m pleased to say that I’ll soon be sending off my work to edit-buddy for the second time, which makes me very happy, as it means I can begin another project by early next week. Say YAY with me…you know you want to.

The department I’m in is still short-staffed, so that means I’m running all over the place most days, with assignment after assignment. However, this afternoon was an open window and as such, I took the opportunity to jump into the deep-end and get things glossed and pretty, so this time I keep the swearing and laughter from edit-buddy to a minimum. You have to understand, like me, this is his first time seeing YA ANYTHING from me. He’s accustomed to different themes and ideas from my words vault and (also cause he thinks YA fantasy is amusing mostly) he’s been having a blast, with a touch of ‘kill me now’ when he reads. He’s not one for romance taking up story time and as there’s some of that in there, you can imagine how ‘happy’ he is to come across some of it here and there. Either way, as I always say THANKS! Love you to pieces my favourite edit-buddy. You have more than one? No I don’t, so maybe he’ll fall off the list when I do ;).

I wish you all amazing weekends and I will try to keep up with the blogging a bit more regularly in the coming weeks, especially as I’m on…

VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell how excited I am?)

…in 8 days!!


To all my vacation posse – BRAX!!!!

(‘Brax’ is a Bajan term meaning hrm: Woohoo!!!!)

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