It’s a work day and pretty early right now, but decided to take the time to write a quick post. It’s funny how this blog is literally  my proverbial captain’s log of literary progress and I’m so glad I started it, though before I was kind of on the fence about it.

I have just a bit more to write where the short is concerned and re-reading it yesterday to get my bearings in the story once more, I could literally feel my stomach flop all over the place as I thought of how soon others are going to read it. You see, I’m usually rather hard on myself and my work, not necessarily a negative personality trait, but it can be a bother sometimes. However, after the injection of confidence I had to give myself, the butterflies-in-stomach feeling passed.

I said I’d write when I finished something. Well, I’ve sent all my chapters over to edit buddy (thanks!) and I’m going to begin looking over the notes from the ones I already have back either today or tomorrow. It’s so great that even though I was worried about it, I may very well be on schedule after all the internal fussing. I want to begin part 2 in March and as long as the words don’t play tricks on me, finish the 3-part series by April-May. No, I don’t feel I’m rushing it. I’ve said this over and over – YA isn’t usually my thing and as I’m in the frame of mind for it right now, I feel like I should continue/finish telling the story, then I can revisit other, more ‘happy-place’ literary passions.

I wish you all the best of days and if I don’t post before then, the most productive, or restful, of weekends. Ciao.