I’ll Be Quick…

I’ve nine more chapters to pre-edit and send off to edit-buddy and just about 3k-5k (as I see it in my head right now at least) more words to complete the short.

The completion of the YA in February will depend on how quickly I get edited chapters back, so far about 12 of them have been returned to me. The sooner I finish my pre-edit of the 9 that are outstanding, the sooner I can start tackling the issues that were found in the work. One of the keep-backs with my pre-edit is that I’ve had to change things a little so everything matches up and makes complete sense. Thus instead of just checking for grammar errors etc, I’ve also had to add on and take away, which can be time consuming. Not complaining at all though, cause the process is making the work better. I’ve not written the extra chapter I was wondering about. I’ll ask edit buddy when he’s finished if he thinks it’s necessary, but as I’m re-reading, I’m starting to think it adds to the mystery of this character’s life. So, maybe I won’t bother.

As for the short, I reached a place in it where I feel like it’s coming near to the end. The character has his beginning and middle, now his ending is the only thing the page is holding out for. If I get there and think I need to add more, then I’ll so so, but for now, how I see it playing out in my head, I don’t see that being the case.

Have an amazing Sunday all, hopefully when next I post the title will be ‘Finished’…something at least :).