The Week Thus Far…

…has been way less productive than I would have liked. Sure, work for work was great. Got everything done with time to spare and a last minute assignment went off without a hitch. As for editing and my short, not as much done on that front.

Realising that today is Thursday *insert scream here* and also the 16th, I had something like an internal panic attack. It wasn’t a bad one mind, I just suddenly felt like “Why am I not further! I have under a couple weeks! *insert another scream*” However, I made light-work of that attack as I usually do and did what makes it better – work!

Definitely what I feel like sometimes.

So, this afternoon – evening, pausing only to pick my little sister up from school, I worked on the YA and sent off more chapters to my editor buddy (thanks!) and got another chapter in the short done. No, I don’t want a bone for a job well done, because at this point in the week, I could have been further had I focused more, but, I’m back in the hot seat and so I’m not going to dwell on what could have been. I’m sure the next time I write, I’ll have progressed much more on both fronts.

Keep the bone friend...

As a bit of a round-up – remember in previous posts  I talked about this being my first real try at YA? I usually write adult fiction and I think in some places I got a little carried away thinking about the YA I’ve read and what teens might relate to. I thought you guys might find it amusing to know that my wonderful (sarcasm) editor buddy is pointing out these flaws any chance he gets and making so much fun of them in the process that thick skin is necessary.

I’ll post again soon, but until then, let me leave you with this:

Buddy editor quote: “Have you ever even seen a tree? What about branches and twigs?” (When the book is published, I’ll say exactly why he asked me that.)

"Yes," I replied, shame-faced.