Keeping Up The Pace…

I looked around and realised it’s the 10th already!

These days fly by so quickly, that if you’re not careful, in seconds you’re looking at new deadlines creeping up and unfinished work in tow. The stuff boring paperwork nightmares are made of.

As my pace cannot falter for the things I want to accomplish, this week has been dedicated to work…for work (because that pays the bills), editing the YA, obsessing over what I should work on next (remember I hadn’t decided?) and, adding paragraph by paragraph to the short.

The tortoise went way too slowly for my tastes, but in the end, keeping up the pace worked just fine for him.

I started sending my chapters to my edit buddy as well, who is simply hilarious and always helps me make my work better. We’re great friends and as such, he isn’t afraid to scribble slang next to profound moments, make fun of and shake his head at things that he thinks: “You can do better than that b,” or do the equivalent of a cocking gun in approval when he likes a concept, phrase or chapter, a whole lot. I’m currently quite surprised that he’s digging into the YA as he is, because generally he does not like hardcore fantasy. To put it simply, he still sometimes refers to me as ‘pink blob’, after a particularly uninspired suggestion I made regarding possible story direction years ago. All of that said, what some people might see as overly critical if they don’t know how he is, I simply take as the helping hand that makes my work better than it was before and by extension, far more camera ready for those who would truly devour it if they find fault.

Pink blobs...
...And those who lend a hand to keep you away from them.

My obsessing came to a halt late yesterday, when I decided I was going to work on part two of the YA. So that should be my approach heading into March. I’ll probably treat the paranormal romance the way I’m dealing with the short — write when I’m on downtime from the YA sequel. The reason this will be easier and not feel like I’m pulling my mind out of one world and into another too drastically, is that I’ve already done the complete outline for the romance, which ended somewhere around 50k words. I still have tons to fill in (which should bring the word count to novel length) and change of course, but because I already know the beginning, middle and end, it won’t be like starting from scratch. In this way, it won’t become an issue regarding the attention I should give to the YA. Not to mention, as I’ve already said, I will only work on the romance when the words for the YA 2 are being elusive.

Before I go…

Why don’t I call my stories by name? Well, I don’t until they’re finished and ready to shop. It’s just a thing I have, with no real mystery behind it. The next name I’ll most likely be revealing will be the short, which I also intend to make available for reading here. The only thing that would stop that from happening, is if any competition rules say I can’t (which I doubt will happen).

On that note and as I doubt I’ll post again before next week, I wish you all the best of weekends, full of lovely productivity.

Oh! Random note: ‘b’ – in Barbadian slang is like ‘dude’ for Americans or ‘mate’ for Brits. Just realised I’d used it and didn’t want it to appear like a hanging letter. Although, I guess to those outside of Barbados who don’t understand it…that’s probably exactly what it looks like.

The 'B' in some Barbadian conversation, is probably there for more than hanging...