February Festivities…

Six days into February and I already feel behind time on what I want to get done this month, even though I’m really not. It’s just the way I feel whenever I take off-days, when I’m on a particularly productive streak. Each minute of not working, I tend to feel like I’m wasting time and have to fight past that, in order to take these short breaks and not burn-out as I used to.

I remember these days...

So what are my literary plans for February? As I said before, the ‘re-read’, which of course is my first personal edit, is number one on the list. I have to change up certain things that happened in the earlier chapters of the story, because of the path I decided to stay on near the end, but as most of it is already written and filed away, switching up and re-arranging isn’t nearly as much work as starting from scratch, so I’m not put off by this. I may also add in an additional chapter (I ended up with 36 chapters, because that’s where the story ended in a way that made sense without just fighting for more padding). This additional chapter I’m considering because I realised that there’s one character where an aspect of his life wasn’t exposed as with the others. Hence why it’s still a toss-up, because it’s not totally necessary, but if it’s put in it could add to the overall flow. What I’ll probably end up doing is writing it and seeing how I feel about inserting it into the story. I think as a writer your gut usually knows best and then the outside noise (friends, editors, etc) help to clean it up if necessary. Random side-note: I just smiled to myself remembering when I would never let anyone get near to my stories.

Moving on. Part two of my February plans are having the new kid, who I’ve now decided to just label the YA, since it really won’t be the new kid soon, edited by someone else. While that’s happening, I’ll have time to work on a short story that I want to finish and literally pelt (a real word yes, but when Barbadians say it in dialect, it sounds even more vicious), it into the world. If I have more time than I’ve allotted for this edit to happen, I may start on another short. By the end the first will be around 15k-17k words tops I’m assuming. However, I want to have a few between 5k-10k at the most to share, submit to competitions and so on, so throughout the year, short story writing will be a standard ‘downtime’ activity.

On the subject of submissions etc, I need to get back on track with regard to submitting my work to agents, publishers and so on. I honestly haven’t made the time to do it, though I have made sure to continue to research my particular market in the interim, which makes it easier to restart.

Research is one of the keys to success.

Finally, by the end of the month and heading into March, I’m still not completely sure which project I’m going to work on. I’m considering finally finishing a paranormal romance as I really did love the story, though it needs serious tweaking. My other options are to work on the second installment of either series, (peddle baby or YA). I thought I’d decided on continuing peddle baby, but now I’m not so sure. When I get to that point I’ll share.

Why are you writing with so much fervour? For those who’ve never read my earlier posts let me answer this once more. I feel like I didn’t write nearly enough in the last 6 years and as such, I’m playing catch up. This doesn’t mean that I place quantity over quality, far from. I work hard when I’m writing and strive to make sure that the concepts are fresh and new and are introduced in a way that can capture and hold onto a reader. As such, the quality of the story is far more important that finishing twenty books in a year. However, as I always say, the hardest part is having the words so your fingers can fall one after another onto keys without pause. Right now, I have the words and when I don’t I hover, literally hands poised over the keyboard and if hovering means nothing to the ideas forming haphazardly in my mind, then I take a break before returning and continuing.

Have a productive week everyone. I’ll write again when I’ve made some progress with the reading.

(Quick Note: As you can see, I’m trying out pictures etc, in this post to see if I like it better this way or not. Not so sure I do yet.)

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